Steven Ortiz Contribution

Our names are Steven Ortiz, Erik Ortiz, and Tori Cardin. 

“Winnifred was a huge part of Mine, Erik, and Tori’s lives. We will forever remember her welcoming smile, funny personality, and wise words. 

Winnifed helped all three of us find our voices, and was a constant cheerleader for us and our endeavors. She was right there by my side offering any support she could as I navigated life and my crazy endeavor of starting my own theatre company at the age of 15. Winniffed always knew what to say and how to bring a smile to our faces, and we are so thankful we were able to do the same for her. Winnifred was our mentor, inspiration, and best friend, and we will love and cherish our memories we shared with her forever ❤

-Steven Ortiz, Erik Ortiz, and Tori Cardin