Dorothy Trethewy Contribution

I’m delighted to contribute to memorials for Winnifred M. Ringhoffer.

Winn and I met at the YMCA pool in Marysville, Washington, after she moved back to “the wet side” of the state. Even though the greater Seattle climate is notoriously damp, Winn joined a water aerobics class to enjoy water exercise in an indoor pool. It was an interest we both shared and the start of a friendship that we both enjoyed. 
Winn was a willing companion for adventures to local restaurants, shopping venues, and sight-seeing but the adventures I enjoyed most were attending Metropolitan Opera live showings at local movie theaters. I knew nothing about opera and Winn, of course, was a performer and teacher. She had wonderful stories of teaching and of students with whom she worked. (I can hear Winn very correctly saying “with whom” and not the grammatically lax “that I worked with” of our/my current language. It was one of her more endearing habits, I thought.)
Winn was an example of how to age with courage and grace. Physical problems afflicted her with increasing severity but she was positive in her outlook and continued to carry on with interesting and interested conversation.
It was a privilege to share so many experiences with Winn. Who knew water exercise classes could lead to such wonderful memories?

Dorothy Trethewy