Jackie Wood Contribution

I’m Jackie Wood and was a dear friend of Winnifred’s for many years through our work together in the music department at Whitman and our First Congregational Church here in town. I taught Margaret piano (and also tipped a small upright piano onto Margaret’s foot, much to the consternation of Winn and me!) and delighted in many gatherings at Winn’s house.  I also played for her singing at times, and she was my voice teacher, too! She was a valued and beloved friend and I’m grateful to have known her, lucky to have heard her many tales of flying in the plane with her father, and was fortunate enough to seek her wise advice more than once. Winn performed and sang in Whitman’s Harper Joy Theatre production of A Little Night Music years ago and this song, Send in the Clowns, is from that musical.
I hope my recording reaches you ok, and I’ll always miss Winn’s indomitable spirit.

Thanks, Jackie